Mandatory procedure masks and changes to screening questions

Read a message from Pietro Gasparrini, Director, Environmental Health and Safety
February 15, 2021
By Pietro Gasparrini

Please note that in accordance with new directives from the Government of Quebec, Concordia has made changes to criteria for accessing university campuses, effective February 15, 2021:

  • Anyone entering Concordia buildings must wear a procedure mask (i.e., the blue and white surgical type). Reusable or cloth face coverings are no longer acceptable.
  • The self-evaluation questions that Concordians must ask themselves before coming to campus now include new symptoms.

Mandatory procedure mask requirements

Quebec’s health authorities recently announced the standardization of mask-wearing directives across all universities in the province. As a result, Concordia must require that everyone entering university buildings — and in indoor, public or shared spaces — must wear a procedure mask.

As of February 15, those coming to campus will be able to pick one up, free of charge, from designated Security Desks. A list of these desks is available on

Anyone arriving on campus with their own procedure mask will not be required to change it.

Distribution of procedure masks to departments and units is being organized. If students, faculty or staff require a replacement procedure mask when on campus, they should see their supervisor, go to a security desk, or follow procedures provided by the relevant department or unit.

While waiting for details about government-led recycling of procedure masks, Concordia is working to provide a collection service in keeping with its institutional commitment to sustainability.

Please note: those who witness someone not complying with mask or other COVID-19 safety rules do not need to intervene directly. They can call Campus Security at 514-848-3717. Security will record the incident and/or intervene in the situation as appropriate.

COVID-19 screening questions and restrictions

Quebec’s public health authorities have added new symptoms to the COVID-19 self-assessment and self-isolation criteria. Therefore, in addition to the previously identified symptoms, Concordians are not permitted on campus if:

  • they have a sore throat, runny nose or congestion of unknown cause; or
  • they live with a person awaiting a COVID-19 test result.

For those who completed the one-time COVID self-evaluation pledge in the past, the university recommends that they renew their pledge and become familiar with the full list of symptoms they need to consider before each trip to campus.

Additional information

For any questions about the new mandatory mask rules, please email Environmental Health and Safety or call them at 514-848-2424 ext. 4877.

If you have questions about possible COVID-19 symptoms, please call InfoSanté 811.

For more information on Concordia’s response to the pandemic, visit our COVID-19 information site.


All the best and stay safe!

Pietro Gasparrini

Director, Environmental Health and Safety

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