How can Concordia improve its professional and teaching staff’s digital experience?

The university community is invited to have its say through an online survey
November 25, 2020
By Leslie Goldstein


Concordia is moving forward with its Digital Strategy.

The Digital Strategy team will soon launch a survey to find out how professional and teaching staff use digital technology and learn its effects on their teaching and professional practice.

The university, now more than ever, recognizes that digital issues are important for Concordia’s teaching and professional staff, and the survey will ensure that their views and experiences are counted.

This survey follows the team’s consultation activities in March 2018, when they invited students to complete a similar short survey. The goal was to help better understand how the university could make improvements to its digital environment and services and to inform the development of its overall strategy.

This latest survey will allow the Digital Strategy team to:

  • Find out how teaching and professional staff would like technology to be used to support their practices
  • Understand how Concordia’s digital environment and services are used and how they can be improved
  • Target resources toward the issues that matter most
  • Start a conversation with professional and teaching staff about their digital skills, expectations and experiences

Email message will link to the digital experience survey

Professional and teaching staff will receive an email message from with a unique link to take part in the survey. Participation is completely voluntary and will take approximately 10 minutes.

Complete the survey and register to enter a prize draw

In appreciation of those who participate, everyone who completes the survey will be invited to register in a draw to win either one Amazon gift card valued at $200, one gift card valued at $100 or one of two gift cards valued at $50 each.

For any questions about the survey or how the results will be used, please email

Your views on digital technologies count. Contact the Digital Strategy office by email at if you don’t receive your email invitation.


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