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‘Our combined effort can help move people from poverty to possibility’

Five Concordians explain what supporting Centraide means for them
November 13, 2019
By Howard Bokser

The numbers are impressive. Last year alone, the contributions of dozens of volunteers and the donations of hundreds of Concordians helped the Concordia Centraide Campaign raise $164,357. That engagement allowed Centraide of Greater Montreal to support more than half a million individuals.

Behind those numbers are real people — on both the receiving and giving ends.

While the folks who invest time and energy in the Concordia Centraide Campaign do so for varying reasons, they all agree with its slogan, “Give to Centraide — YUL be glad you did.” This year’s campaign runs until November 29.

Here, five Concordians and Centraide Campaign Committee members explain their commitment to the annual fundraising initiative.

Sophie Mailloux

Sophie Mailloux

Special projects coordinator, student Services

I started working at Concordia nine years ago. My role is to support projects and teams in Student Services. I love what I do because it has a positive impact on students and their experience at Concordia.

I have been supporting Centraide since I started at the university. I have been a member of the Centraide Campaign Committee since 2014.

Poverty can happen to anyone. I support Centraide because I know that it helps those who need it most. I encourage everyone to give. Our combined effort can help improve lives locally by moving people from poverty to possibility.

Catherine Vigeant

Catherine Vigeant

Director of marketing and business development, Concordia Continuing Education

For almost four years now, I have worked at Concordia Continuing Education (CCE). My role is to make sure a maximum number of people know about all that CCE does on a daily basis. I also create long-lasting partnerships with relevant industry players to create awareness around the benefits — and necessity — of continuing education.

I am a long-time Centraide supporter. I took care of the Centraide campaigns during my advertising agency years and during my time at Quebecor Media. I started to be involved with the Centraide Concordia Campaign in 2018-19. I am the Centraide liaison for CCE and have organized many Centraide CCE events over the past two years.

I support Centraide because, as a member of the Montreal community, it goes without saying that I want to help the people around me. I was always very fortunate in life but was close to others who were not. The feeling of knowing you actually helped someone is priceless. It creates magic, really!

Supporting Centraide is an opportunity to be a part of a meaningful solution.

Leisha LeCouvie

Leisha LeCouvie

Senior director, Alumni Relations

I work with a team of 14 alumni and event professionals to engage our 220,000 alumni worldwide. I was at Concordia in the early 1990s and returned five years ago.

I have been supporting Centraide since my return to the university. Concordia does a really good job of highlighting the importance of philanthropy and how it benefits our entire community.

I support Centraide because I am deeply moved by the number of young people on the street — so many of them with mountains of challenges. Mental illness, at one time or another, affects all of us — or our families and friends. The lucky ones have the means to seek help and support.

Why do I encourage colleagues to support Centraide? Because good fortune should always be shared.

Michel Magnan

Michel Magnan

Professor, Department of Accountancy

I’m a professor at the John Molson School of Business, the Stephen A. Jarislowsky Chair in Corporate Governance and director of the Desjardins Centre for Innovation in Business Finance.

I have been at Concordia since 2000.

I started contributing to Centraide early in my professional career in the 1980s. I believe contributing to Centraide can be viewed as an investment in our community. It enriches the quality of life of thousands of our fellow Greater Montreal citizens, but it also enriches our own by making our city a better place for all!

Catherine Mulligan

Catherine Mulligan

Professor, Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering

I have been at Concordia for 20 years as a professor in environmental engineering. I am the Concordia Research Chair in Geoenvironmental Sustainability and the director of the Concordia Institute for Water, Energy and Sustainable Systems.

I have supported Centraide for more than 20 years, as my previous employer, SNC-Lavalin, had an active campaign. 

I support Centraide as they vet and support many organizations that help the local community where it is needed the most. I encourage others to support Centraide, as Concordia is an integral part of the community and it will assist those in our own backyard.

How to contribute

Learn more about the 2019 Concordia Centraide Campaign and the impact of your donation.

Give to Centraide and make a difference. For your custom link to giving, refer to your email from Centraide@unclic or send an email to You can make a lump sum contribution or payroll deduction — every donation counts.

Be sure to register and buy your tickets online for the $15 pasta lunch for a good cause:

Don’t miss the samosa sale:

Join us for the campaign closing event:

For more information or to volunteer, contact

For managers: To organize a visit to your department or unit from a Centraide volunteer who can explain more about the campaign, contact



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