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COMING SOON: Concordia’s state-of-the-art Science Hub

The Loyola Campus construction project is expected to last until fall 2019
January 28, 2019
By S. Baker

Now four storeys above ground, the support structure for Concordia’s new Science Hub is a noticeable addition to the Loyola landscape. The space, which is aiming for a LEED Gold certification, will be the fourth high-performance green building on Concordia’s campuses. 

The team of researchers housed in “the Hub” will include those studying aquatic biology, microscopy, cellular imaging, nanoscience, bioprocessing, and incoming faculty and graduate students for Concordia’s new chemical and materials engineering program.

Housing activities with commercial potential for Concordia’s current and future industrial partners and entrepreneurs, the space will include infrastructure to support the scaling up of projects created in the labs.

Chemists, engineers, health scientists and biologists will work in an environment that encourages transdisciplinary thinking and will lead to new and efficient prototypes, materials and processes with applications in biomedicine, sustainable manufacturing and beyond.

The new space will also host science and engineering teams working with Concordia’s District 3 Innovation Center (D3) that require dry and wet lab space. Shared laboratories will support entrepreneurs in developing products based on scientific discoveries and ideas.

This project reflects Concordia’s drive to provide top researchers with the most innovative and appropriate environments to support their research, take projects to the next level and train students for the jobs of tomorrow. Through this project, it will be much easier for researchers and their partners to use expertise from the lab to develop creative and sustainable applications and take them out into the world.


Learn more about Concordia’s Science Hub.


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