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‘Why I came to Concordia … from China’

Student Xueya An talks time management, libraries and Montreal weekends with friends
November 15, 2018
By Daniel Bartlett

Xueya An: “Concordia work and internship opportunities provide a solid foundation.” Xueya An: “Concordia work and internship opportunities provide a solid foundation.”

"Why I came to Concordia" is a series profiling international students. Check out stories of students from the United States, South IndiaNew DelhiBelize, the United Arab Emirates and France!

Xueya An noticed something exceptional about Quebec students when she first arrived at Concordia to pursue her undergraduate studies in the Department of Health, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology.

“They balance their study and leisure time very well,” An says. “Local students can enjoy their lives and earn good grades!”

Since then, the second-year exercise science student has fallen for the charms of Montreal and begun to learn French. At Concordia, she can often be found studying at the Vanier Library or chatting with the staff at the International Students Office (ISO).

An says her school work keeps her very busy, but she still finds time to meet with friends and take in the city’s serene spaces. She hopes to build a strong foundation for her future career by taking advantage of Concordia’s many work and internship possibilities.

People at Concordia are super kind

Why did you choose Concordia?

Xueya An: A Chinese recruiter first told me about Concordia and I immediately fell for its multicultural environment.

What are the top three things you like about Montreal?

XA: First, Montreal provides plenty of opportunities to learn French.

The city also hosts many events — especially during the summer — where you can gather with friends and create lasting memories. There is very little that beats a warm summer day in Montreal.

Lastly, areas like the downtown core are great for hanging out with friends on weekends. In addition, the city has several quiet and gorgeous spots to enjoy in your downtime.

What advice do you have for other international students at Concordia?

XA: Being an international student likely means that you are uncertain about various things. Do not be shy and never hesitate to ask when you are unsure. People at Concordia are super kind.

Time management is also key to succeed in school. To maintain your composure and learn in more effective ways, do not procrastinate.

What is your favourite spot on campus, and why?

XA: I love Concordia’s libraries, especially the Vanier Library on the Loyola Campus because it is quieter and less busy than the others. If you are missing any study materials, you are likely to find them at the library. Plus, the university’s librarians are always there to help.

What are your impressions of the International Students Office?

XA: Since staff members at the ISO understand our language barriers, we can ask them just about anything. They are always able to provide detailed answers in ways we can understand.

What do you hope to gain from your degree?

XA: Concordia offers many work and internship opportunities. These experiences provide a solid foundation for students to further their academic and professional lives.

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