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Spring training: 30+ skill-building workshops

OPEN FOR REGISTRATION: Take the next step in your career with Concordia Continuing Education
February 14, 2018
By Cecilia Keating

Education doesn’t end after graduation. From managing stress to improving your negotiating techniques, Concordia Continuing Education (CCE) is offering more than 30 practical skills workshops this spring to help you both at school and in your professional work.

It’s about acquiring new skills, being on top of your game and differentiating yourself from your colleagues, says Catherine Vigeant, director of Marketing and Business Development at CCE.

“Whatever their age, participants all say the same thing: that the workshops really brought them a step forward in their career,” says Vigeant.

The sessions attract a mix of students and professionals. In the past they have proven so popular, says Vigeant, that participants regularly reach out to her afterwards about booking their trainer for an in-house session at their company.

Staff, students and alumni of all ages are invited to enrol. Workshops take place in French and English, and are held over either one or two days.

To keep the sessions intimate and personalized, they are limited to 15 participants. “We really value that individualized time with the trainer,” Vigeant says. “It’s not a teacher in front of the class talking for seven hours; it’s a lot of active learning, a lot of group work, a lot of self-reflection.”

Vigeant highlights three new workshops being offered this spring:


Pratiques Optimales en Gestion de l’Environnement (best practices in environmental management)

April 12, Sir George Williams Campus

This one-day French-language workshop will equip participants to measure a company’s environmental footprint and ensure that their company is complying with environmental regulations.

According to Vigeant, the workshop will be an asset for those working in the arts and sciences, geology and biology sectors, as well as any student “who has left university or is finishing their degree and wants to boost their chances in a job interview.”


Stress Management for the 21st Century

May 8, Location TBC

This workshop teaches participants how to navigate stressful situations by recognizing and channelling healthy stress while pushing back on unhealthy stress.

The session will benefit working professionals as well as students, says Vigeant, given that “companies nowadays are asking more from their employees while providing them with even less time and resources.”

Become a Person of Influence

June 5, Location TBC

Participants will learn how to identify and assess their own strengths. They will also be given advice on negotiating, persuading and building professional allies — all of which can increase one’s confidence and influence at work.

“The workplace can be rough!” says Vigeant. “The competition can be fierce, and sometimes your projects don’t go through, your ideas aren’t recognized and your opinion isn’t valued. This workshop will break those patterns.”

It will also be useful for students, she says: “This workshop is great for those applying for jobs, doing group work or working on their resume.”

The workshops range from $295 to $795, plus tax, including course materials, lunch and refreshments. Students and alumni are eligible for a 10 per cent discount. Register two weeks in advance for a $50 discount.

To find out more or register for one of the CCE spring workshops,
visit the CCE website.

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