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New, searchable and mobile-friendly! It’s Concordia’s digital course calendar

COMING SOON: Two new systems will make browsing and curriculum management easier
June 27, 2017
By Meagan Boisse


Finding the right course is about to get a lot easier at Concordia. The university is getting set to launch two new digital systems: Acalog, an online course calendar, and Curriculog, a curriculum management system.

Both will be officially up and running as of fall 2017, making it a cinch to browse through the university’s more than 500 graduate and undergraduate programs, while also facilitating curriculum and program updates.

An accurate, fully searchable online course calendar

Students will benefit from Acalog’s easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly interface, which lets them peruse the university’s course catalogues using both calendar-specific and course-title searches. Moreover, the smart calendar filters data based on a number of course criteria such as prefix, course type and keyword.

Acalog's easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly interface. Acalog's easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly interface.

“The calendar is the source of all information for student programs and courses,” says Sandra Gabriele, vice-provost of Innovation in Teaching and Learning.  

“The more accurate we make it, the easier it is for students to find the program information they need. A fully searchable calendar provides much greater ease of access.”

Streamlined academic program updates and approvals

Curriculog, meanwhile, provides a more efficient and accurate means for faculty and staff to make curriculum changes throughout the graduate and undergraduate calendars.

“Faculty members are always trying to stay in touch with developments in their respective fields. The proof of this is the ongoing changes we make to course descriptions, prerequisites, the addition of new programs, certificates and diplomas,” Gabriele explains.

“All this has to get from the department into the university calendars, so we need a system that can help us do this better. The end result, in time, will mean delivering exciting new programs in an efficient way.”

Curriculog will replace Provotrack, which is too old to update.

The new system will provide a digital curriculum approval workflow. Users will be able to log in and enter their desired course calendar changes, then Curriculog will automatically send the updates to the relevant individuals in the approval process.

The Acalog and Curriculog systems will be responsible for all changes to Concordia programs — from the smallest correction of a typo to an updated prerequisite to bringing on new programs.

“The digital systems will make every change identifiable, with every step of the process clearly laid out, and most comments and requirements located in one place,” Gabriele says.

“This will help us to bring more accountability into the system and bring program changes online faster and more efficiently.”

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