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Introducing Zone Éducation-Culture

Concordia teams up with the city and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to create a new artistic hub
May 19, 2016

This morning, the City of Montreal, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) and Concordia University announced the creation of Zone Éducation-Culture, a vibrant hub developed on Bishop Street and shared by the Quartier du Musée and the Quartier Concordia in the Ville-Marie borough.

The aim of the redevelopment is to bolster the cultural identity of the area by showcasing public art and the innovative transformation of urban infrastructure.

Zone Éducation-Culture stems from a common vision to enhance Montreal’s role as a city of culture and knowledge. An open public space, linking the MMFA’s new Michal and Renata Hornstein Pavilion for Peace to Concordia’s Henry F. Hall Building, will be reserved for public screenings and artistic performances. 

In addition, works of art from the MMFA’s collection, and glass murals created by renowned Quebec artist Jean McEwen — which Concordia is in the process of restoring — will be displayed on Bishop Street and on the south side of Sherbrooke Street.

“Montreal is a city of knowledge and a cultural metropolis,” says Manon Gauthier, member of the Montreal executive committee responsible for culture.

“In this context, we wanted to introduce integrated urban development, where art would inspire knowledge. With the creation of the Zone Éducation-Culture and introduction of works of public art, we are acknowledging our commitment to develop a city that democratizes art by making it accessible to all.”

The redevelopment of this downtown area, which is very popular with tourists, members of the Concordia community and visitors of the MMFA — including an increased number of schoolchildren — seeks to breathe new life into the neighbourhood and further broaden the city’s reputation.


“We are delighted to be involved in a project that will revitalize this part of the Ville-Marie borough,” says Alan Shepard, president of Concordia.

“The MMFA and Concordia will be sharing expertise in a space that will welcome all Montrealers. The relationship between our two institutions has already produced fruitful partnerships by way of our researchers in the Faculty of Fine Arts. The resulting synergy between art, education and civic engagement has blossomed into programs in art education, art history and art therapy.”

Nathalie Bondil, director and chief curator of the MMFA, looks forward to the opportunities Zone Éducation-Culture will provide.

“La Paix et la Concorde s’unissent!” she says.

“Thanks to the support of the city, the urban renewal of Sherbrooke and Bishop streets will allow for a tangible demonstration of the cultural and educational links between the museum and Concordia University, notably through the pedagogical programming of the future Peace Pavilion.”



“In addition, the project will beautify the surrounding area with the addition of public art and the expansion of our sculpture garden,” Bondil says. “Multiple innovative partnerships consolidate the creative synergy between our two institutions to the benefit of all visitors to this downtown neighbourhood.”

Infrastructure work for the urban renewal project will be carried out on the south side of Sherbrooke Street and on Bishop Street between De Maisonneuve Boulevard and Sherbrooke Street. The total cost of the work is estimated at $4.8 million.

Find out more about Quartier Concordia and Zone Éducation-Culture.



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