Message from the president: ‘At Concordia, we’re getting our hands dirty’

Faculties and departments are rolling up their sleeves for Phase 2 of the strategic directions initiative
September 23, 2015
By Alan Shepard


This fall, as we enter the second phase of our strategic directions initiative, it’s time to get our hands dirty.

We wrapped up Phase 1 earlier this year, identifying nine strategic directions that will help Concordia thrive as a next-generation university. Many of you participated in this process by attending our speaker series and contributing your input via idea cafés, surveys and consultations.

Now we’re ready for Phase 2: figuring out how to put our nine directions into action. This involves two main activities that will happen concurrently.

First, our faculties, the libraries and our administrative units will be rolling up their sleeves to do their own strategic planning processes, or assessing how their current strategic plans can be aligned with our new directions. As part of this process, faculties and units will also be setting objectives and creating action plans relevant to their areas.

Second, we’ll be developing four cross-institutional strategies focused on identifying how we can:

  • Double our research
  • Teach for tomorrow
  • Embrace the city, embrace the world
  • Grow smartly

We’ll also be identifying administrative structures and processes that need to be changed to make progress in these areas.

There’ll be opportunities for you to contribute to these conversations. To keep up-to-date on what’s happening in Phase 2, I encourage you to visit our Strategic Directions web page.

The thinking and building we do now ensures that we’ll continue to thrive in the decade ahead.


Alan Shepard


Find out more about Concordia's nine strategic directions.


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