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VIDEO: Concordia students launch a rocket 10,000 feet into the air

Interdisciplinary support and an impressive airframe resulted in podium placement at the 10th Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition
August 4, 2015

41 rockets from seven countries and six continents...

You can be sure that Space Concordia — the award-winning interdisciplinary student association that builds satellites and reimagines the future of space exploration — had a blast in Green River, Utah, this June, when it successfully launched the university's first rocket. And now there's video proof!

The Rocketry Division team placed second, behind Oregon State University, in the Space Dynamics Laboratory Payload Challenge at the 10th Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition.

The 10-foot airframe, or outer structure, was "by far the most advanced frame presented at the competition," according to mechanical engineering student Neil Woodcock, Space Concordia's president and chief rocket designer.

Space Concordia's Rocketry Division team in Green River, Utah, at 10th Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competitionh Space Concordia's Rocketry Division team on site in Utah.

Woodcock highlighted the help of Suong Hoa, director of the Concordia Center for Composites, who offered the use of his lab for its construction. FundOne, Concordia's alumni crowdfunding program, also provided support.

June's event was hosted by the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association, which seeks to further the field of experimental sounding rocketry. It defines this as "roughly between 'experimental' or 'research' high-power rockets and sounding rockets capable of reaching space (generally defined as 100 km altitude)."

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