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Research special: synthetic biology

October 28, 2014


Concordia researchers are leading the way in a burgeoning field that is quickly shaping how we deal with everything from climate change to urbanization to the production of lifesaving medications and therapies.

How Canada is poised to revolutionize synthetic biology

‘The time is now to invent our future,’ say field leaders.

Can synthetic biology really change the world?

Richard Kitney, the keynote speaker at Concordia’s recent UK-Canada Synthetic Biology Workshop, explains why it woos world leaders.

Concordia research harnesses the power of opium poppies

An innovative approach to painkiller production could lessen Canada’s dependence on foreign supplies.

Transforming toxic waste into green energy

Emerging graduate research at Concordia seeks to turn pulp mills into dynamic biorefineries.

Discover Concordia faculty who are advancing groundbreaking research in synthetic biology:

Malcolm Whiteway | Photo by David Ward Malcolm Whiteway
David Secko | Photo by David Ward David Secko
Vincent Martin | Photo by David Ward Vincent Martin
Nawwaf Kharma | Photo by David Ward Nawwaf Kharma


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