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Concordia now home to a second film-festival-quality auditorium

View a 360° panorama of the newly renovated H-110
August 19, 2014
By Anne-Marie Curatolo


Renovations to the Henry F. Hall (H) Building’s Alumni Auditorium (Room H-110 ), which played host to the Fantasia International Film Festival from July 17 to August 6, recently wrapped up. With improved audiovisual, sound and lighting technology, the theatre provides both organizers and audience members increased options and flexibility.

Thanks to these renovations, Concordia is now home to two theatres that are up to film festival standards: H-110 and the recently updated J.A. DeSève Cinema.


Here’s a look at some of the changes:

  • The theatre is fully digital with new projectors and screens that meet digital cinema package, or DCP, standards, the worldwide model for distributing and projecting movies in a digital format.
  • The sound system is vastly improved with new panelled walls and surround speakers.
  • An energy-efficient LED lighting system allows for much more control and flexibility as different areas of the cinema can be lit simultaneously, including the podium, stage and audience.
  • New seats are equipped with self-storing writing tablets and plug sockets for electronic devices such as laptops and cameras.
  • Numerous wireless access points have been added.
  • Additional wheelchair-accessible space has been allocated.
  • New carpeting and podiums has been installed.
  • Side and bottom movable screen masking has been added. This enhances the definition of projected images at various aspect ratios.
  • A forward-thinking cabling schema was installed, allowing for an audio and video feed at multiple points in the room. This means the space can better accommodate webcasting, event recording and simultaneous translation directly from the projection booth.

Check out the panorama of the newly renovated H-110:

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