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Posted on August 17, 2021

Last updated: September 13, 2021, 4:48 p.m.

Canadian parliament buildings in Ottawa Photo by Benoit Debaix on Unsplash

A number of experts from Concordia University are available to comment on the current federal election campaign.

This list will be updated as issues emerge.

Canadian politics, voting behaviour, political participation 
Nick Ruderman, assistant professor, Department of Political Science 
Tel: 438-887-6759

Canadian politics, public administration 
Brooke Jeffrey, professor, Department of Political Science
Tel: 613-837-2277

Canadian politics, constitution, judicial politics, Charter of Rights 
James Kelly, professor, Department of Political Science 
Tel: 514-605-7906

Federal leaders' debate; impact of the Bloc Québecois on Canadian politics and public policies
Guy Lachapelle, Professor, Department of Political Science
Tel: 514 770-8704

Citizen and social media campaigning (e.g. memes); data, privacy, and digital campaigning; social media standards, content moderation, Internet governance
Fenwick McKelvey, associate professor, Communication Studies
See also Fenwick's article in The Conversation: From sunny ways to pelted with stones: Why do some Canadians hate Justin Trudeau?

Economic issues, cost of elections 
Moshe Lander, senior lecturer, Department of Economics

Fiscal and monetary policy, environmental/science policy, immigration
Anthony Noce, lecturer, Department of Economics
Tel: 613-252-6562

Indigenous issues 
Catherine Kinewesquao Richardson, director, First Peoples Studies, associate professor, School of Community and Public Affairs 
Also Indigenous Spokesperson for the Green Party of Canada 
Tel: 438-862-2261

Human Rights, International politics 
Kyle Matthews, director, Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS) 
Tel: 514-975-8160

Frank Chalk, professor, Department of History 
Tel: 514-983-9533

Canadian refugee policy 
Homa Hoodfar, professor emerita, Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Quebec-Canada relations, immigration policy 
Mireille Paquet, associate professor, Department of Political Science 
Tel: 514-297-0086 (no voicemail please but texts are welcome)

Chedly Belkhodja, professor, School of Community and Public Affairs 
Tel: 514 208-4802

Environment, climate change
Damon Matthews, professor, Department of Geography, Planning and Environment
Concordia Research Chair in Climate Science and Sustainability
Tel: 514-663-2287

Climate change, urban planning, housing, social economy, green space, habitat destruction
Jason Prince, part-time faculty, School of Community and Public Affairs

Gun control policies
Noah Schwartz, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science
Tel: 613-794-6517

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