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UN World Water Day 2018

Ask our Experts
Posted on March 19, 2018

Thursday, March 22, is the 25th annual World Water Day, a day designated to focus attention on issues such as water access, water management and the importance of water to all life on Earth. Despite the crucial role water plays in our everyday lives, over 2.1 billion people still lack safe drinking water at home.

With World Water Day being marked with events around the globe, Concordia University has a number of experts who are willing to discuss some of the many current challenges and issues from water security to pollution to flooding.

Pollution and remediation

Catherine Mulligan is the Concordia Research Chair in Geoenvironmental Sustainability and  the Director of the Concordia Institute of Water, Energy and Sustainable Systems. Her areas of expertise include pollution remediation strategies, surface water management and wastewater treatment. Her best availability is the afternoon of Wednesday, March 21.
(514)-848-2424 ext. 7925


Flooding, erosion and river management

As Chair of the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment, Professor Pascale Biron can speak on a number of topics related to river dynamics, fish restoration, and the dynamics of flooding and bank erosion. She has limited availability on Monday afternoon and Thursday morning.
(514)-848-2424 ext. 2061

Water security and climate change

With waterways around the world increasingly at risk, including here in Canada, Assistant Professor Ali Nazemi is able to speak about climate change’s effects on water resources and water security more generally. He is available all week.
(514)-848-2424 ext. 3210


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