JMSB is gradually migrating email system and learning management from FirstClass

Staggered migration Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft 365 and Moodle to impact faculty, staff and students
January 29, 2015
By Centre for Instructional Technology

MyConcordia screenshot - where to find your Moodle course websites MyConcordia screenshot - where to find your Moodle course websites

In 2011, Concordia adopted Microsoft Exchange (also known as Outlook) as the university standard email system for all staff and faculty members, Microsoft 365 as the email service for students and Moodle as the standard learning management system. Over the next year, the John Molson School of Business will migrate progressively to those platforms.

What it means for students

The content of the Classes folder on the FirstClass system will begin gradually transitioning to Moodle.

Therefore, access to the following class folders will be moved exclusively to Moodle as of the following dates:

Date Courses offered by the following departments
January 2015
  • Management
  • Supply Chain & Business Technology Management
September 2015
  • Accountancy
January 2016
  • Finance
  • Marketing

Your email address will cease to exist after December 31, 2015. We recommend you forward important emails currently stored in FirstClass to your personal email address.

If you would like to continue using a email address, sign up for a account.

What it means for JMSB staff or faculty members

In early November, a migration announcement was sent out via email. If you did not received it, please contact

Students that also teach or work at JMSB should also contact

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