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Connect to the department administration file share server (Windows)

The easiest way to connect to our FAShare (Fine Arts File Sharing Service) is by using your favorite web browser and going to The instructions below is for connecting using Windows' OS built in functions.

How to connect manually to the file server on Windows

Make sure that you are connected to the Concordia campus network, or connected to the Concorida VPN.

Open up 'Computer' by first clicking on the Windows [or Start] button at the bottom-left of your screen & then click 'Computer'. 

In the Address Bar of the new window type \\\FAShare and hit the return key. 

A "Windows Security" dialog box will now appear. Here you'll enter 'Concordia\Your Netname'. You must include 'Concordia\' for the connection to be successful. See image below.

You can click on the remember my credentials so you don't need to enter it every time. Just make sure you only save the password on your own computer and not someone else's.

Once you click 'OK', a window with the available shares will open.

**Remember though to never open files directly on the server. That means copy files from your Home folder located on the server to your desktop. If you don't, files can get corrupted and you will be sad/mad. Use the server as a storage, backup and transfer area but not a working area.

Need help? CDA Desktop support is can be reached by clicking the support link at the top of the page and choosing "Open a Ticket".

**** Connecting From Home ? Follow the same steps, however you must first be connected to the University network via the VPN Client or through a browser.

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