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CUCCR holds Reuse: a day of making

December 7, 2016
By Andy Murdoch

Students working around the furoshiki gift wrapping station Students working around the furoshiki gift wrapping station

Anna Timm-Bottos is in her element: she's packed the EV Junction with people who are working away at tables overflowing with craft materials.

“You are in the middle of Reuse: a day of making,” she says, "this is the first event put on by the CUCCR."

This day of making held by the Concordia University Centre for Creative Reuse (CUCCR) held on December 6th, was organized to gain momentum for the Centre’s opening March 15, 2017.

“We actually pronounce it ‘sucker’,” she says craftily.

The project was created by Timm-Bottos, a masters student in art education, in partnership with Kathleen Vaughan, an associate professor in the Department of Art Education and Faisal Shennib from Environmental Health and Safety. They received $45000 in funding from the Dean of Students Big Hairy Ideas competition last Spring.

Cutting and pasting at the papier mâché station Cutting and pasting at the papier mâché station
Making notebooks and card with vintage journals Making notebooks and card with vintage journals

Scattered around the tables is a sampling of the many donations they have received from fine arts departments: old books and paper for papier maché; ornaments and notebook making; yarn for pom-poms; a mending station with a sewing machine to add adornments to clothing; and a fabric gift wrap station.

The event was attended by students, faculty, community and staff from across the university.  

Meral Büyükkurt, a professor of supply chain management at JMSB is playing with papier mâché for the first time in years. Her students participated in a project that analyzed the centre’s information systems.

“I believe in what she is doing, it’s an amazing project. And for her to organize something like this where she gets people from all different parts of the university and outside to come together to do arts just shows how creative she is and how much she can accomplish through this Centre. It’s a brilliant idea.”

Knitting at the yarn station Knitting at the yarn station

Mark Unterberger, working away on a papier mâché maquette, is in his final year of the design program and is deeply involved in the CUCCR.

“I am in charge of designing the actual space; the storage modules and how the space will work.”

He’s doing an internship through the Design department that has enabled him to work on design plans for the CUCCR this term. Next term he will be building.

“I’m creating a significant legacy that I will leave behind when I graduate. Something that is quite valuable and useful to the school,” he says.

Timm-Bottos crosses her fingers for the future, when they open in March. She sees the CUCCR as a key support service that will help Concordia University and the Faculty of Fine Arts prioritize reuse. It's about more than simple recycling: the goal is to create a central repository for unwanted art materials that faculty and students can rely on every day.

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