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Master Thesis Defense: Asma Mistadi

March 31, 2015

Speaker: Asma Mistadi

Supervisor: Dr. G. Butler

Examining Committee: Drs. C. Constantinides, J. Paquet,
N. Shiri (Chair)

Title: Requirements for Modern Genome Browsers

Date: Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Time: 10:00 a.m.

Place: EV 11.119


Genome browsers are widely used tools for the visualization of a genome and related data. The demands placed on genome browsers due to the size, variety, and complexity of the data produced by modern biotechnology is increasing. These demands are poorly understood, and are not documented. Our study is establishing and documenting a clear set of requirements for genome browsers. Our study reviewed all widely used genome browsers, as well as notable research prototypes of genome browsers. This involved a review of the literature, executing typical uses of the genome browsers, program comprehension, reverse engineering, and code analysis.

The key outcome of the study is a clear set of requirements in the form of a requirement document, which conforms to the IEEE Std 830-1998 Standard of a Software Requirement Specification. This contains a domain model of concepts, the functional requirements as use cases, a definition of visualizations as metaphors, glyphs, or icons, formal specification of the system in Z notation and a specification of all widely used file formats.

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