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Master Thesis Defense: Rakshit Majithiya

January 7, 2015

Speaker: Rakshit Majithiya

Supervisor: Dr. H. Harutyunyan

Drs. J. W. Atwood, G. Butler, T. Eavis (Chair)

Title: Deep Heuristic: A Heuristic for Message Broadcasting in Arbitrary Networks

Date: Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Time: 10:00 a.m.

Place: EV 3.309


With the increasing popularity of interconnection networks, efficient information dissemination has become a popular research area. Broadcasting is one of the information dissemination primitives. Finding the optimal broadcasting scheme for any originator in an arbitrary network has been proved to be an NP-Hard problem. In this thesis, a new heuristic that generates broadcast schemes in arbitrary networks is presented. This new heuristic have O(|E|+|V|log|V|) time complexity. Based on computer simulations of these heuristics in some commonly used topologies and network models, and comparing the results with the best existing heuristics, we conclude that the new heuristics show comparable performances while having lower complexity.

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