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The Department of Philosophy Welcomes New Faculty Member Dr. Emily Perry

Dr. Perry joined the Department as Assistant Professor on July 1, 2023
September 15, 2023

Emily Perry

The Department of Philosophy is very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Emily Perry to a tenure track position in philosophy.

Dr. Perry received her PhD in Philosophy from UC Berkeley. Her research is in ancient Greco-Roman philosophy from the pre-Socratics to the Patristics. Current projects focus on Aristotle's metaphysics and natural philosophy, especially his modal ontology, his conception of nature, and his non-substantial mereology.

Dr. Perry will regularly teach core courses in the Major and Honours in Philosophy programs at Concordia University, including PHIL 260 - Pre-Socratics and Plato and PHIL 261 - Aristotle and Hellenistic Philosophy, as well as undergraduate and graduate seminars on special topics, such as "Aristotle’s Generation of Animals: Heredity, Teleology, and Sexual Difference" and "The Origin of the Will in Ancient Greco-Roman Philosophy."

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