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Charlotte Range Wins Concordia Undergraduate Student Research Award

May 5, 2022

The Department of Philosophy is pleased to announce that Charlotte Range, BA student pursuing Honours in Philosophy and a Minor in English Literature, is again among the recipients of a Concordia Undergraduate Student Research Award (CUSRA).

Her summer research project, "Literacy and Orality in the Edda: A Foucaldian Genealogical Investigation into Medieval Transition to Literacy," will be supervised by Dr. Stephen Yeager in the Department of English. The project's guiding question is: How can a literary analysis of The Poetic Edda reconceptualize the discursive relationship of power between orality, textuality, and literacy?

The CUSRA program provides funding to undergraduate students in the fine arts, social sciences, humanities, engineering and computer science, business disciplines, and natural and health sciences. The goal of the awards is to stimulate interest in research, participatory research, or research-creation work that will complement coursework and enhance preparation for graduate studies or research-related careers.

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