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Prof. Matt Barker Publishes New Article in Philosophy, Theory, and Practice in Biology Journal

August 21, 2019

Prof. Matt Barker published a new article in Philosophy, Theory, and Practice in Biology, volume 11. The paper is titled "Species and Other Evolving Lineages as Feedback Systems".


Memorably in Nature, Jerry Coyne likened recalcitrant debates between species experts to barnacles on a whale, saying they “retard slightly the progress of the field”. However, experts have been happy to agree on at least this: species are evolving lineages. The importance of that putative fact, and of agreement about it, have been emphasized for over twenty years. Recent review works reaffirm both. But this lends some urgency to the unhappy fact that the exact nature of the implicated evolving lineages remains unclear. Great, species are evolving lineages—but what are those, exactly?

Prof. Matt Barker is Department Chair and Associate Professor of Philosophy at Concordia University.

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