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Graduate Philosophy Students’ Conference 2019 Schedule

March 29, 2019

Given the current global resurgence of fascism, frequency and increasing visibility of violence against humanity and hate emboldened by our political conditions as well as the imminent threat of climate genocide posed by our warming planet, how do we ground political practice in order to create legacies that will contribute to the liberation and flourishing of not just our species but our planet as a whole? How do we orient our thought and action to subvert oppressive contexts and mitigate the effects of past harms in the present and moving forward? In light of these considerations and the ways in which they bear upon our present trajectories and collective futures, we present “Liberating the Future,” Friday, March 29th and Saturday, March 30th, 2019.

Liberating the Future: J.W. McConnell, Room LB 646  


29 March 2019

9:15-10:00 ~*~*~* registration & refreshments *~*~*~

10:00-10:15 Opening Address: Sierra Billingslea, Concordia University
Panel I: Reconciling Past and Present, Chair: Cameron McIntyre,  Concordia University

10:15-10:45 "How To Go On From a Traumatic Past?"  Renxiang Liu, McGill University

10:45-11:15 "The Ethics of Critique: Decolonization and Metaphor"  Ishaan Selby, McMaster University  
11:15-11:30       ~*~*~* coffee/snack break *~*~*~
11:30-12:00 “Theorizing the Persistence of Oppression: Epistemology of Ignorance”  Celia Edell, McGill University

12:00-12:30 “Where Are They Now: The Gun Control Debate”  Morgan Gagnon, Concordia University
12:30-14:00 ~*~*~* lunch *~*~*~
Panel II: Fashioning Identity Out of Difference, Chair: Bayonne Said, Concordia University

14:00-14:30 "​Inside and Out: Ascriptivism about Gendered Traits ​ "  Rose Bell, Syracuse University 

14:30-15:00 “Trans Lives: Toward a Queer Biopolitical Ecofeminism”  Mädchen Specht, Concordia University

15:00-15:30 "'To Be Against Purity by 'Becoming Dirt’"  Shannon Boss, University of Guelph  
15:30-17:00 ~*~*~* Break *~*~*~

Keynote Presentation 

17:00-19:00 “​Permaculture: Regenerative Lifestyle Sciences and Philosophies for International Liberation”  Eloisa Lewis, Independent Scholar
20:00 Presenter Dinner - L’Gros Luxe (Sud-Ouest)   
Saturday, March 30th

9:15-10:00      ~*~*~* registration & refreshments *~*~*~
Panel III: Resisting Oppression Through Deleuze & Guattari, Chair: Sofie Vlaad, Queen’s University 

10:00-10:30 “Territory, State, Nation: Understanding Settler-Colonial Fascism with Deleuze and Guattari” Dallas Jokic, Queen’s University

10:30-11:00 “Nomad Phenomenology: Critical Perception and Faciality” Adam Shipper, Queen’s University

11:00-11:30 “The Intimacies of Activist Organizing: Collisions of Desire and Coalitions of Love” Sofie Vlaad, Queen’s University

11:30-12:00 Q&A, discussion
12:00-13:30                ~*~*~* lunch *~*~*~
Panel IV: Zarathustra’s Laugh: Becoming, and Overcoming, Chair: Jordan David Thomas Walters, Concordia University

13:30-14:00 "Don’t Be Jealous of this Essay: Jealousy, Non-Monogamy and Nietzsche"  David Girard, University of Ottawa 

14:00-14:30 "Will God Forgive Us?: Nietzschean Overcoming in First Reformed"  Jacob Vangeest, Western University  
14:30-14:45       ~*~*~* coffee/snack break *~*~*~

14:45-15:15 “​Tactile Gaming and the Usefulness of Immersion Agency: Considering the Ethical Value of Gameplay thru Walter Benjamin & Janet Murray” Aleksander Franiczek, Western University

15:15-15:45 “Memory, Forgetting, and Myth Making; A History for the Future”  Caedyn Lennox, Simon Fraser University  
15:45-17:30  ~*~*~* Break *~*~*~

Keynote Presentation

17:30-19:30 “​Categories We Live By” Professor Ásta (Sveinsdóttir), San Francisco State University

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