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Newsletter - July 2022

July 15, 2022

Source: MIGS


MIGS is proud to be a founding institutional member of The Global Alliance on War, Conflict & Health, which was formally launched on 1 July 2022. The Alliance is a global community aiming to strengthen action on war and conflict as threats to health, and to uphold justice and accountability as the foundations for peace and health.

Congratulations to MIGS Fellow Dr. Ewelina Ochab and Lord David Alton who’s book “State Responses to Crimes of Genocide: What Went Wrong and How to Change It” was recently published.

Upcoming Events

July 19

MIGS is hosting the inaugural meeting of The Global Parliamentary Alliance Against Atrocity Crimes (GPAAAC), a new project created by MIGS in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Canada. This first meeting will bring together civil society experts and parliamentarians to discuss, reflect, and review the situation in Ukraine and identify better approaches to protect Ukrainian civilians. This session is invite only, however if you are interested in learning more about the project please contact MIGS at

Recent Events

June 3

MIGS Fellow Naomi Kikoler moderated the panel discussion  Preventing Mass Atrocities in Afghanistan organized by the United States Institute of Peace.  

June 6

MIGS’ Project Officer Lauren Salim attended two #RightsCon2022 sessions titled “Global perspectives on the threats and harms of gendered disinformation targeting women in public life”  and “Not just another PDF: open source guides for humanitarian data protection.”

June 9

MIGS Executive Director Kyle Matthews spoke at the IPSA Summer School in Applied Diplomacy

June 10

MIGS hosted a workshop at Access Now’s #RightsCon 2022 titled “Building a Global Digital Authoritarianism Index”. Speakers included Peter Guest (Enterprise editor, Rest of World), Gbenga Sensa (Executive Director, Paradigm Initiative), Caitlin Thompson (Reporter, Coda Story), Joseph Wright (Professor of Political Science, Penn State), Maria Virginia Marin (Executive Director, ProBox Venezuela), Kyle Matthews and Marie Lamensch. 

June 14

MIGS Fellow Mark Kersten interviewed Kate Gibson, a lawyer specializing in International Criminal Law and International Human Rights Law. You can watch the Wayamo Foundation's interview here

June 15

MIGS’ Project Coordinator Marie Lamensch and Project Officer Lauren Salim attended the Principles for Peace’s feedback session on the Peacemaker’s Covenant. 

June 16

Lauren Salim attended an event “Fighting Hate Speech: Global Perspectives.” This virtual event was co-hosted by the Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach Programme and the United Nations Outreach Programme on the Transatlantic Slave Trade and Slavery, and the Outreach Programme on the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda to mark the first International Day for Countering Hate Speech. 

June 20

Lauren Salim attended the First International Day for Countering Hate Speech at the UN General Assembly, 76th session. A recording of the event can be viewed here.

June 21

Marie Lamensch attended “Quo Vadis? The Prosecution of Atrocity Crimes from Myanmar to Ukraine”, an event organized by the Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice and the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect. You can watch the discussion here.

June 22

Marie Lamensch attended a discussion titled “The Role of Children and Youth in Atrocity Prevention” organized by the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect on the sideline of the annual UN General Assembly Debate on the Responsibility to Protect.

July 1

MIGS staff attended the launch event for the Global Alliance on War Conflict and Health. Moderated by CNN Senior International Correspondent and INARA President Arwa Damon, the panel included WHO EMRO Regional Director, Minister of Health for the Central African Republic, Lancet Editor-in-Chief, and the American University of Beirut President. 

July 5

MIGS Fellow Ewelina Ochab participated in a panel discussion tilted “Implementing the Duty to Prevent Genocide: Global Approaches.” Fellow speakers include Baroness Kennedy QC, Uyghur American attorney Nury Turkel and May Homira Rezai, the Chair of the Hazara Committee in the UK.



On World Refugee Day, MIGS joined over 70 other civil society groups to call for urgent measures to protect Uyghurs at risk of refoulement. Read the call here

As a member of the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect, MIGS supported the statement by the ICRToP regarding the UN General Assembly plenary meeting on the Responsibility to Protect.

In the Media

June 4 

MIGS Fellow Ewelina U. Ochab wrote an article for Forbes titled “Putin's War Kills At Least Two Children Everyday in Ukraine”. 

June 10 

MIGS Fellow Mark Kersten wrote an article in AlJazeera titled “It’s in Ukraine’s interest to prosecute its own alleged crime”.

June 12 

Dr. Ewelina U. Ochab wrote an article for Forbes titled “Putin Commits Further War Crimes With Sham Trials of Prisoners of War”. 

June 14

Lauren Salim wrote an article for the Human Rights Research Center titled “Human Rights Abuses by Canadian-Owned Mining Operations Abroad.”

June 16

Dr. Ewelina Ochab published an article on Forbes titled “UK Government Imposes More Magnitsky Sanctions On Putin’s Supporters, Including Patriarch Kirill.”

June 19

Dr. Ewelina Ochab wrote an article for Forbes titled “Conflict-Related Sexual Violence - A Threat To Collective Security.”

Mark Kersten published an article in the Globe and Mail titled “Money laundering is not victimless crimes.”

June 23

MIGS’ Senior Distinguished Fellow Roméo Dallaire spoke to Global News about Canada’s announcement to establish diplomatic relations with Rwanda. Watch the interview here.

July 1 

Kyle Matthews is quoted in a La Presse article titled “Rétrocession de Hong Kong à la Chine La longue marche vers la répression.”

MIGS Fellow Phil Gurski interviewed independent multimedia journalist Neha Wadekar about Islamist terrorism in Mozambique. Listen to the discussion here

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