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Global Parliamentary Alliance Against Atrocity Crimes

MIGS launched of the Global Parliamentary Alliance Against Atrocity Crimes (GPAAAC) in May 2022.

With the support of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Canada, MIGS will create a network of Canadian, German and EU-member state parliamentarians, to explore how parliamentarians can better prevent and respond to mass atrocity crimes, while defending and strengthening democracy and the liberal order.

The project will focus on Ukraine and the key international challenges the crisis there poses to human rights, democracy, and the rule of law.  

Utilizing MIGS wide network of parliamentarians, this project will provide a model for best practices for preventing and responding to future atrocity crimes. In the past MIGS has worked with parliamentarians through the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Prevention of Genocide and with Parliamentarians for Global Action.

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Visit the official Website 


Documenting war crimes in Ukraine with Belkis Wille, Human Rights Watch. Listen to the episode.

Genocide in Ukraine, a discussion with Senator McPhedran. Listen to the episode.

Dr. Aylin Matlé on what the invasion of Ukraine means for Germany and NATO. Listen to the episode.

Oleksandra Matviichuk on the work of the Center for Civil Liberties in Ukraine. Listen to the episode

Using OSINT to investigate war crimes in Ukraine. Listen to the episode.

Covering the war in Ukraine, with Ukrainian journalist Iryna Matviyishyn. Listen to the episode.

”We must hold Russia accountable”, a discussion with Ukrainian MP Lesia Vasylenko. Listen to the episode.\



"We Need A Driving Force To Address Inaction And Impunity for Atrocity Crimes" - Ewelina Ochab.

Summaries of Meetings

"Summary of the Inaugural Session of the GPAAAC: Building a network with an Eye on Ukraine" - 19 July 2022.

"Summary of the Second Meeting of the GPAAAC - Unpacking Atrocity Crimes in Ukraine" - 14 September 2022.

"Summary of the Third Meeting of the GPAAAC - Sanctions and Accountability" - 19 October 2022.

"Summary of the Fourth Meeting of the GPAAAC - The Responsibility to React" - 24 November 2022.

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