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Successful 2023 Canadian Mathematical Society Winter Meeting Led by Concordia University Directors

December 8, 2023
By Christopher Plenzich

Scientific Directors of the 2023 CMS Winter Meeting - Dr. Brugiapaglia (center) and Dr. Stancu (center right)

The 2023 Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) Winter Meeting took place in Montreal, Quebec, on December 1st – 4th. Dr. Simone Brugiapaglia and Dr. Alina Stancu, from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Concordia University, served together with Dr. François Bergeron (UQAM) as scientific directors for the highly attended meeting. This edition of the meeting featured over 30 special sessions, including 6 plenary talks by prize-winning mathematicians, including a Mitacs public lecture by Dr. Yoshua Bengio (UdeM & MILA).

Beyond the excellent scientific direction from Dr. Brugiapaglia and Dr. Stancu, Concordia’s mathematics faculty were well-represented at the meeting. Friday, December 1st, saw two of Concordia’s new faculty members offer mini-courses to introduce their research to a wider audience: Dr. Carlo Pagano introduced Arithmetic Statistics to a wider audience, while Dr. Jason Bramburger presented on Data-Driven Methods for Dynamic Systems. The newest member of our Department,  Dr. Assaf Shani, co-organized a scientific session on Descriptive Set Theory that brought together experts from around North America. Several faculty members from the department also delivered inspiring talks about their research during the meeting, including Dr. Simone Brugiapaglia, Dr. Maria Ntekoume, Dr. Giovanni Rosso, Dr. Wei Sun,  and Dr. Xiaowen Zhou.

  "Co-organizing the 2023 CMS Winter Meeting together with Alina and François, the scientific organizing committee and the CMS staff has been a real blast. The success of this meeting makes me proud to be part of the Canadian mathematical community: we are so vibrant, diverse, and friendly! I am also grateful to all the Department members (faculty, postdocs, and students) who enthusiastically participated in this meeting by co-organizing sessions, offering minicourses, delivering talks, and presenting posters, hence showcasing our excellent work at the national level, and contributing to making this event the success that it was. I would also like to thank the Faculty of Arts and Science and our Department for financially supporting the event and our students."
- Dr. Brugiapaglia

In addition to the the Departmental faculty, members of the broader Concordia mathematical community made a significant impact at the CMS meeting. Concordia University graduate students: Aleksander Danielski (PhD), Meraj Hosseini (PhD), Ting-Han Huang (PhD), Sina Mohammad-Taheri (PhD), Kylian Ajavon (MSc), Fadia Ounissi (MSc), William Zhang (BSc), and Horizon postdoctoral fellow, Marlon Moresco, showcased their research through posters or talks, contributing to the diverse academic discussions.

Winner of the AARMS/CMS Poster Competition - Marco Mignacca (center)

One highlight of the meeting was Marco Mignacca, a former undergraduate student from Concordia University, who received the "CMS Student Committee Award" for the best poster in the AARMS/CMS Poster competition. Mignacca was awarded a prestigious NSERC undergraduate student summer fellowship to collaborate with Dr. Bramburger and Dr. Brugiapaglia on the award-winning research poster in the summer of 2023.

This gathering was a testament to the collective efforts of all participants, making the 2023 CMS Winter Meeting a resounding success.

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