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Institute for Investigative Journalism: Seven Students Each Awarded $10,000 in Fellowships

The fellows are working on a Canada-wide collaborative investigative project facilitated by the Institute for Investigative Journalism
By Institute for Investigative Journalism

Seven students from across Canada have been awarded $10,000 fellowships to continue their work on a national collaborative investigation on the subject of water facilitated by the Institute for Investigative Journalism.

The fellowships run from May 1 to August 15, 2019 and are made possible through a gift from The Rossy Foundation.

The consortium of universities and colleges contributing to the investigation, along with several media companies, includes Carleton University, Concordia University, Humber College, MacEwan University, Mount Royal University, Ryerson University, University of British Columbia, University of King’s College and University of Regina, together forming the National Student Investigative Reporting Network.

The research fellows will assist with research for and production of photos, text, broadcasts, multimedia and other materials as well as obtaining and compiling documents; identifying and interviewing sources; analyzing data and otherwise assisting with production.

The photography fellow will also assist with research for and production of photos, text, broadcasts, multimedia and other materials. In addition, they will serve as the lead student photographer.

These students applied for the fellowships in February and March; the 11 members of the Institute for Investigative Journalism's faculty board made the selections. Faculty were recused from decisions involving their own students.

Journalism students seeking more information about joining the collaborative investigation should contact their department head or academic supervisor.

The Research Fellows

Lyndsay Armstrong, graduate student, School of Journalism, University of King’s College

"It’s been incredible to be a part of this team as a student and I’m thrilled for the opportunity to continue working on the investigation as a fellow."

Lauren Donnelly, graduate student, Graduate School of Journalism, University of British Columbia

"This project is about asking questions and investigating what no one has bothered to investigate. That’s the dream as a journalist – to make a difference."

Ian Down, undergraduate student, Department of Journalism, Concordia University

"We've made some very important findings so far, and I can't wait to see what the team uncovers next!"

Declan Keogh, undergraduate student, School of Journalism, Ryerson University

"Being able to report on communities that don’t usually get the attention of investigative journalists is fundamental to the health of our country."

Raysa Marcondes, undergraduate student, Department of Communication, MacEwan University

"I know that this opportunity will expand not only my skills as a researcher and a journalist, but my networks and my understanding of the craft."

Alannah Page, undergraduate student, School of Communications Studies, Mount Royal University

"This is a chance to continue developing my research and journalistic skills in new and surprising ways."

The Photography Fellow

Mackenzie Lad, undergraduate student, Department of Journalism, Concordia University

"I'm so incredibly grateful for the opportunity, so excited to do the hard work ahead, and so thrilled to be working with this amazing network of journalists."

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