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Advanced Policy Analyst Program (APAP) and Policy Analyst Recruitment and Development Program (PARDP) Information Session

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Friday, October 15, 2021
2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

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This event is free


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This will be a joint event given by both the PARDP (Natural Resources Canada) and the APAP (Advanced Policy Analyst Program) departments
Targeted Degrees: Open to everyone, provided they have at least 3 and a half university credits in economics, statistics or sociology.
PARDP is Natural Resource Canada's (NRCan) signature accelerated development program with a Graduate and an Indigenous Stream. Program participants learn how to effectively manage their careers and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become leaders in policy. Participants experience rotational placements in two different NRCan sectors. The starting salary is from $68,000 and participants will graduate as permanent Government of Canada employees earning at least $89,000 after two years. The program offers opportunities for training and career development, flexible work arrangements, and a flexible start date. The application deadline for this year's cohort is October 21st.
PARDP is hosting a virtual information session for Concordia students so that you learn more about the program and ask questions to a current participant. 
Alex Gold-Apel is in his 2nd year in PARDP. He currently works on the Engagement Team in the Indigenous Affairs and Reconciliation Sector after having spent his 1st rotation in the Office of Energy Efficiency. Alex holds a B.A. from McGill and a Master of Public Policy from the University of Toronto. He is currently based in Montreal.
Targeted Degrees: Economics (MA), Management (MSc), Political Science (MA), Public Policy and Administration (MA), Business Administration (MBA)

The Advanced Policy Analyst Program (APAP), formerly known as the Accelerated Economist Training Program, is a development program that offers an excellent opportunity to join the Canadian federal public service. Participants complete four challenging six-month placements across the three central agencies-the Privy Council Office, the Department of Finance, and the Treasury Board Secretariat-and one other department. Eligible applicants are Master's-level graduates who exhibit leadership and academic excellence, good judgment, and analytical abilities (

Brent Mills is a recent graduate of the Advanced Policy Analyst Program (APAP). Throughout the APAP, Brent held roles in cyber security policy, parliamentary affairs, and economic development. He currently works at Transport Canada as the lead analyst for ports on the West Coast.


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