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Project Teaming Like A Pro: How To Build Teams To Make Group Work Painless

Date & time
Thursday, April 15, 2021
1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

This event is free


Student Success Centre







For many project teams, the sudden shift to learning-from-home has shaken group connection, communication, and collaboration. Processes need to be rethought, accountability is less clear, and meetings just feel different on Zoom. Some groups are facing conflict, disconnection, or confusion, even as they sense a greater need to come together and find solutions to emerging challenges.

In this remote context, how can we find new ways of collaborating, relating, and creating? What abilities do we need to strengthen? What beliefs and habits do we need to let go of?

In this participatory Zoom workshop, join Juniper Belshaw and Jess Malz to explore the factors that influence project team effectiveness, and discover ways to nurture your group, even at a distance.

Facilitators: Jess Malz, Consultant, Facilitator & Certified Coach and Juniper Belshaw

Jess is a learning experience designer, facilitator and certified coach and has a masters degree in Human Systems Intervention. She is the founder and lead designer at Inbo, a learning design agency based in Montreal. She is passionate about (re)designing the way people learn and develop in the workplace using progressive organizational methods to spark change. She also works as a transformational coach with individuals and groups with her design your future program helping people navigate their careers with the toolkit and mindset of a designer.

Juniper Belshaw is a facilitator and process consultant, specializing in leadership development, team effectiveness, and organizational design. With her background in social justice and creative organizations such as Centre for Community Organizations and Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group, Juniper has facilitated sessions for acrobats, executives, emerging leaders, entrepreneurs, non-hierarchical teams, activists and non-profit organizations. She is drawn to working with values-driven teams working to leave this planet better than they found it.

With a masters in Human Systems Intervention and as co-founder of the Montreal chapter of “Reinventing Work,” Juniper is obsessed with creating thriving, human workplaces. As a facilitator, Juniper sees her role as helping people connect to themselves, each other, and the solutions that lie within.

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