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Meet the MFAs: Rapid Fire Roulette Print Media Extravaganza

Date & time
Thursday, February 11, 2021
12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Sarah-Jeanne Landry, Alli Melanson, Sabina Rak, Helena Rakic, Ann Karine Bourdeau Leduc, Kelsey Pearson, Dominique Pétrin, Megan Stein, April Mary Lynn White


This event is free


Karin Zuppiger



The Print Media MFA cohort cordially invites you to join their one hour Zoom extraordinaire! You will be dazzled by fast-paced and juicy introductions of each MFA 1st and 2nd year grad, followed by a rapid-fire roulette question-and-answer period all about printmaking and print media!

But wait - there's more! Do you have a pressing question about print? Have you always wondered how to pronounce the word “intaglio” but were too shy to ask? Do you want to finally put to rest the debate of whether something is embossed or debossed? Now is your chance! During the second half of the event audience members are highly encouraged to join in the rapid-fire roulette by sending in questions to the grads using the Q&A function of the Zoom Webinar. 

We sincerely cannot wait to fill an hour of your life with print!

xoxo MFA print nerds

Learn more about these artists in advance by visiting their MFA Profiles.

This event is part of Meet the MFAs, a series of online happenings hosted by the Studio Arts MFA students throughout the month of February. Click here to learn more.

How can you participate? Register for the Zoom webinar or watch live on our Facebook.

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Meet the MFAs

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