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Meet the MFAs

Presented by the Studio Arts MFA Program in collaboration with 4TH SPACE

Date & time
Friday, February 5, 2021 –
Thursday, February 25, 2021 (all day)

This event is free



Image: Khadija Aziz, Fibres & Material Practices

Throughout the month of February, please join the Studio Arts MFA Program students online as they share various aspects of their research, practice and work-in-progress. A series of events will be hosted by current 1st and 2nd year students in the following MFA Program concentrations: Film Production, Photography, Intermedia, Print Media, Fibres and Material Practices, and Sculpture and Ceramics.

Check out the MFA Profiles to learn more about all of the current MFA students, including those in Painting and Drawing!

Events schedule:

Friday, February 5, 11:00am:
Tea Time with Film Production

Friday, February 5, 12:00pm:
Photography Instagram launch
Follow this cohort on Instagram: @concordiamfaphoto

Friday, February 5, 4:00pm:
Casual Show & Tell with Intermedia
Follow this cohort on Instagram: @intermediamfa

Thursday, February 11, 12:30pm:
Rapid Fire Roulette Print Media Extravaganza

Tuesday, February 16, 12:30pm:
Unwinding with Fibres & Material Practices 

Thursday, February 25, 12:30pm:
LET'S PLAY: Monopoly with Sculpture & Ceramics
Follow this cohort @skulptureandceramics and view a PDF of their work here.

Most events are hosted in collaboration with 4TH SPACE and all are open to everyone. Please join us!


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