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Asian Brain Trust hosted by Conversations in Contemporary Art

Date & time
Thursday, January 14, 2021
6 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Amy Fung, Divya Mehra, Kim Nguyen,


This event is free



Image displays an illustrated man in a top hat holding a bag of money Mr. Luxe Labour, 2021. Credit: Asian Brain Trust

"The Shovel is not a metaphor."

Asian Brain Trust was founded in 2014 by Amy Fung (Scorpio), Divya Mehra (Scorpio), and Kim Nguyen (Cancer) as an arts research collective. Together they have lectured and presented in international conferences and settings (Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Amsterdam, New York, Halifax, Vancouver, Toronto) on the topics of race, power, violence, and performance in contemporary visual arts.

As a friendship-based collective situated across different countries, geographies, and time zones, Asian Brain Trust has been navigating the work/life balance of checking in on your people while getting your shit done. With the advent of our current pandemic era and the cancellation of MIXED COMPANY, the first event of its kind in Canada to discuss critical race in the visual arts, ABT has been hibernating/reimagining/listening/coping with an art world that is virtue signalling its change, while nothing changes at all. Recently they launched Bad Society, a multifaceted publishing platform that includes 24-Hour Funny Business, an online non-profit woc-led anti-capitalist trolling entity, and Luxe Labour, a premium line of artist editions that help each and every one of you maintain the racial status quo. 

Join ABT for our next meeting, and byosnax.

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Conversations in Contemporary Art is a free event series sponsored by Concordia University's Studio Arts MFA Program. The series provides a unique opportunity to hear artists, designers, critics, writers, educators, and curators share their practice(s) and perspectives. All 2020-2021 events will be hosted online, via Zoom, and will explore approaches to and perspectives on "Radical Hospitality." 

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