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Department of Theatre Presents: Just

Date & time
Thursday, April 4, 2024 –
Saturday, April 6, 2024
8 p.m. – 2 p.m.

General $15 / Students and Seniors $8 + service fee


Department of Theatre


Katie Scribner
514-848-2424 ext. 4555


John Molson Building
1450 Guy
Room 7.270, 7.425 and 6.135

Wheel chair accessible


graphic design of play title Design by Rim Fekhar


Where everyone gets their due

Led by Meghan Moe Beitiks

“A weekend-long festival of short original works from the Concordia Theatre student community, exploring equity, history, gender, machinery, absurdity, regret, hope and time: just enough, all in a just manner, just in time.” Meghan Moe Beitiks

Four pieces will be presented during the festival.

Download the Program [PDF 23,282 KB]

Access Guide [PDF 6,105 KB]

Show Times:

April 4th



if only (MB 7.270) 

glitter glue (i am filled with an uncontrollable rage) (MB 7.425)

April 5th



DE-PATTERN (MB 7.270) 

Just a Rube Goldberg Machine (MB 6.135)

April 6th

12pm - 4:30pm ALL PROGRAMS special ticket pricing!

Just a Rube Goldberg Machine (MB 6.135) 

if only (MB 7.270) 

glitter glue (i am filled with an uncontrollable rage) (MB 7.425) 


4:45pm  BONUS: Talk with Christine White of Pedalbox Gallery at CAST Refreshment stand! Come learn about this pedal-powered art space that is supporting Just a Rube Goldberg Machine! Have some lemonade and popsicles and support the Concordia Association of Students in Theatre.



Just a Rube Goldberg Machine (MB 6.135) 

DE-PATTERN (MB 7.270) 



glitter glue (i am filled with an uncontrollable rage) (MB 7.425) 

if only (MB 7.270)


glitter glue (i am filled with uncontrollable rage)

Step into the whimsical, sickly sweet world of glitter glue (i am filled with uncontrollable rage). Here you’ll find a mermaid playing dress-up, a princess and a frat guy busting a move in the club, an omnipotent babydoll wreaking havoc, and more. Join Gen (she’s not like other girls) as she navigates her inner turmoil through this surreal world, guided by Princess (they’re close…like really close). The question on her and everyone’s mind: What is the most just way for a woman to behave?

if only

A fascination with "if only just-" has led our ensemble into an investigation of a world of regret, hope, time and desire. If only regards unchanging in a delicate world constructed to avoid growth through repetition and perfection. We are discovering the trappings of an inner world riddled with its own laws, layers and gravity, and noticing the characters that live within it.

just a Rube Goldberg machine

A girl. A hospital. A cornucopia of clowns. And an unlit birthday candle. Drawing inspiration from children’s television, trinkets, and needless complication, Just a Rube Goldberg Machine is a joyful, colourful, chaotic exploration of taking a simple task to its extremes and finding fun along the way.


A Play, A Place Down The Road, A Locked Door, A Cow What is morally right? When does the justification for science and advancement move in an unethical direction? DE-PATTERN is an absurdist creation piece that explores themes of medical ethics, disability exploitation, and human testing in relation to the Montreal Experiments that took place at McGill University and the unjust actions of its head professor, Dr. Donald Ewan Cameron. During the 50s and 60s, Cameron was funded by the CIA to conduct mind control and brainwashing experiments at the university. Unethical experimentation like LSD forced comas and physical and mental assault all for the purposes of wiping their minds and “curing” their mental disorders. The piece itself is a retelling of these unjust events, combining choral storytelling and movement work with political satire and text-based drama. Let's explore a dark side of Montreal academia that has been lost to time, and see if there are any patterns. Don’t forget to count them…. "These are the days and ours are the occasions"

Refreshments stand by Concordia Association of Students in Theatre (CAST) in MB 6.101

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