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Mindful Gathering Space - Virtual

Learn how to integrate mindfulness into your everyday life through a short lunch-time practice! The 30-minute practice will be led by facilitators from the Centre for Mindfulness Studies, Canada’s leading centre for mindfulness training. Sessions will take place on Tuesdays from 5:00 pm – 5:30 pm and can be joined online.

Sessions will be structured around a mindfulness exercise followed by a group discussion on the topics explored. Each session will focus on a different aspect of mindfulness, including the ability to nonjudgmentally observe, decenter, direct attention, monitor internal states, and regulate emotions and behavior.

Between sessions, participants can access self-directed learning through videos, recordings, podcasts, and other resources here.

These sessions are part of programming for the Mindful Campus Initiative, a new program at Concordia to support post-secondary students pursuing a creative education. No prior experience with mindfulness is required, and all are welcome. We look forward to seeing you there!

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