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Ghazal Zamani

Bachelor of Computer Science
Computer Science (Computer Systems)

“My experience at Concordia really helped me.”

How software developer Ghazal Zamani found her passion as a student

It was in Concordia’s computer labs where Ghazal Zamani, BCompSc 14, discovered a love for computer programming. The hands-on experience offered in her Computer Science program, coupled with theory, helped her apply what she learned in the classroom to her everyday work.

Now in Orange County, California, where she works as a software developer for Signature Estate & Investment Advisors, LLC, Zamani recalls how she found her path at Concordia.

What was the best part about your Concordia experience?

Everything! I made so many friends there and I use what I learned at Concordia in my job today. I referenced many of the courses I took in my job interview. I couldn’t have done it without my bachelor’s degree. My experience at Concordia really helped me.

What did you specifically enjoy about the program?

I liked the hands-on experience and learning programming in the computer lab. It wasn’t only sitting in the classroom and learning it in theory. We had the means to try it ourselves and understand what we were taught in the classroom. 

How did your degree play a role in shaping your professional choices?

Concordia was the very first step in my professional career. A bachelor’s degree gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with what kind of computer scientist or software developer you want to be in the future.

I had a web-programming course, for example, that I really enjoyed, so I thought why not look for a job where I get to do that every day? The professors, the projects we were given and the options we were offered really helped us find our path after graduation.

Tell us about your current role.

After Concordia I moved to Toronto, pursued my master’s at Ryerson University and worked for a year and half. My husband and I moved to California in 2020 after he found a job here. The option to move was always in the cards — we both have dual citizenship and wanted warmer weather.

I really enjoy my current job, with a financial advising company, where I’ve been for almost a year. Our team is in charge of our in-house system, our website and our own software for advisors. I’ve learned a lot about trading and stock markets.

What is your advice for current students?

Continue your studies. I believe it’s 100 per cent worth it in the end. It helps give you confidence in job interviews and in the workplace.

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