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Emmy Fecteau

Pursuing a Bachelor of Education
Specialization in Teaching English as a Second Language

Emmy Fecteau
Experiential learning

“Being at Concordia was the best five years of my life. Enjoy your time here because it goes by so fast.”

Emmy Fecteau is at the top of her game. As the captain of Concordia’s women’s hockey team, she led the Stingers to capture their third RSEQ Championship after a perfect 25-0 regular season. Recently named one of the Top 8 Academic All-Canadians, the fifth-year Teaching English as a Second Language student is gliding into her final term at Concordia with her eyes set on gold at the U Sports national championships.

Hailing from Saint-Odilon-de-Cranbourne, Quebec, moving to Montreal was a big change, but Emmy has since found a second home with the Concordia Stingers. From Loyola Campus’ Ed Meagher Arena to the classroom, her goal is to leave a strong mark on her community. Not only is she a student athlete, but Emmy is also completing her third teaching internship and coaching girls' hockey through the Stinger hockey school.

What was your journey to get to the Concordia hockey team?

I was recruited by Concordia from CEGEP. There were some other teams that wanted me in Canada and the United States, but I decided on Concordia. I fell in love with Concordia’s team spirit and everything surrounding the hockey team. The coaches are amazing. We're so lucky to have them. Everyone was so nice when I came to visit Concordia, and that's why I chose to come here.

What’s it like being on the hockey team?

We practice four times a week, have two or three workouts per week, and play two games during the weekend. Being at Concordia was the best five years of my life. I’m going to miss being around my teammates and playing for Concordia because we have amazing coaches and trainers. We’re lucky to have such an amazing team. The hockey team is like a second family to me.

How is it spending so much time at Loyola Campus?

It’s calm and nice. There are beautiful sunsets behind Loyola Campus, and it looks awesome during the evening. All my classes are downtown, but it’s not hard going there because the free shuttle bus is very convenient.

Emmy Fecteau

What do you like about your program?

My internships were by far my favorite part of my program. I’m on my third internship now and have taught elementary and high school students. I get to practice what I learned in my classes at my internships. I learned most teaching strategies just by being in the classroom. I love my students and working with kids.

What advice would you give to a future student?

As a student athlete, enjoy the time that you have with your teammates. It goes by so fast, and you create many memories that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Being a student athlete is one of the best things in the world because we’re so lucky to be surrounded by amazing people and have the chance to do what we love every day.

Being at Concordia was the best five years of my life. Enjoy your time here because it goes by so fast. I remember being in my first year and I can’t believe it’s already my last year.

What are your plans for post-graduation?

I would like to play professional hockey. I’m going to put my name in the draft for the new Professional Women’s Hockey League. I have an agent representing me, so hopefully it works out. I don’t know when I’m going to be a teacher, but there’s no rush.

Cheer on the Stingers at their upcoming games or learn more about getting involved with athletics at Concordia!

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