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Alumnus/Alumna profile

Amara Ngadi

Bachelor of Commerce 22
Major in Finance (Co-op)
Minor in Data Intelligence

Amara Ngadi
Experiential learning

“I’m learning to be independent, highly organized and entrepreneurial.”

What’s the best aspect of studying at the John Molson School of Business?

Connecting with other students who have similar interests and building my network by sharing class, work and involvement experiences.

John Molson students are proud of their school and passionate about connecting with one another, growing their network and sharing ideas and passion projects.

Amara Ngadi

What are the advantages of being part of a student association?

As the Vice President of Finance for the John Molson Marketing Association (JMMA), I am 100% responsible for our budget, bank reconciliations and applying for internal funding, among other aspects. In this role, I’m learning to be independent, highly organized and entrepreneurial. It’s a big contrast to my work experience, where I was coached and trained by employers. It’s a great learning experience.

This year, we’re planning events that will connect students with real-life skills and networking opportunities. There are so many ways to get involved.

Amara Ngadi

How has Co-op impacted your studies?

The Co-op program completely enriched my experience at Concordia, and my work terms are some of my biggest career achievements. I wanted to know if I would enjoy working in my field before graduation, so I applied to Co-op when I chose my major. So far, I’ve worked at Reitmans, Bombardier and Export Development Canada, and I am so grateful for these life-changing experiences.

Co-op requires you to be a full-time student, and you must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 to apply. Every term, you’re either in a study, search or work term. The most challenging term of the three is the search term because it requires you to find your next internship while studying for classes. It involves scanning job descriptions, creating cover letters, sending out CVs and interviewing for various positions.

Fortunately, Co-op offers interview preparation, cover letter writing workshops, mentorship and many other valuable resources. During my first search term, I worked with a Co-op mentor, and he really helped me perfect my cover letter, CV and interview skills. Working with a mentor was such a great experience that I decided to become a Co-op mentor to offer younger students tips and tricks on how to succeed.

Do you have any tips for new students?

Don’t be shy! Try to connect with other classmates. University goes by quickly, so seize opportunities to attend events, network and get involved. Make an effort, and you’ll get the most out of your degree.

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