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Student employees

Mandatory Sexual Violence Awareness and Prevention Training

Additional information for student employees at Concordia University

Concordia University is committed to fostering a safe and respectful learning environment and, as a student employee, you play an integral role in upholding this commitment.

In your role as a student employee, you need to be aware of the power you could potentially hold over students, how power dynamics can complicate consent, and the behaviours that can lead to an unhealthy learning and working environment.

Finally, you need to know about the Consensual Romantic or Sexual Relationship Guidelines at Concordia University.

Learning environment

Part of your role as a student employee is to help create a healthy learning and working environment. Creating this healthy environment for students means having ethical relationships that are conscious of power dynamics, as well as understanding the behaviours that may result in an unhealthy environment.

Here are some examples of behaviours that can result in an unhealthy learning and working environment and that can create an uncomfortable environment for students:

  • Seeing students outside of university hours, especially off campus
  • Inviting students to personal engagements
  • Offering mentorship to students based on a romantic interest
  • Commenting on students’ appearance
  • Making sexual comments or jokes
  • Making advances
  • Flirting

Important excerpts from the guidelines

Whenever an instructor is, or in the future might reasonably become, responsible for teaching, advising, allocating resources or supervising a student or, more generally, is or in the future might reasonably be in a position to exercise authority over a student:

  • Romantic or sexual relationships between them should be avoided; and
  • If such a relationship is not avoided, any existing or past romantic or sexual relationship constitutes an actual or perceived conflict of interest and must be disclosed pursuant to the present guidelines.
  • Student employees can disclose to their direct supervisor. Please consult the guidelines for more information on where, and how, to disclose a conflict of interest.

Thank you for taking the time to review this important information for student employees.


We are committed to ensuring you fully understand your responsibilities as a student employee.


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