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Concordia is committed to promoting a safe, respectful and supportive environment for all students, faculty members, researchers and staff.

Academic integrity

As a member of the Concordia community, you are subject to the principles of academic integrity, upholding honesty, responsibility and fairness in all aspects of academic life.  The Academic Code of Conduct outlines the consequences of cheating, plagiarism or any other dishonest behaviour related to academic pursuits. 

Behavioural integrity

As a member of the Concordia community, you are expected to adhere to established standards of behavioural conduct. The university's Code of Rights and Responsibilities promotes and protects core values including safety, respect, equity, diversity and inclusion. Specifically, the code addresses discrimination, harassment,  sexual violence and misconduct, threatening or violent conduct and other offences.

Sexual assault

Sexual discrimination, intimidation, harassment and assault are not tolerated at Concordia. The Sexual Assault Resource Centre offers confidential and non-judgmental support and services to all students, staff and faculty. 

Social media guidelines

Keep in mind that how you behave online could affect your studies and/or professional life. Take the time to explore social media guidelines and policies.

A word on diversity of perspectives

Universities are privileged spaces for teaching, learning and research, with the freedom to hold, consider, exchange and debate different views, respectfully. As a large, global university, Concordia's diversity — of thought, experience, culture, religion, language — forms the core of what makes it a uniquely cosmopolitan community. All members must feel able to express their views, display their identity, be heard, and be safe.

As always, give consideration to the Code of Rights and Responsibilities. Be mindful of making clear any distinction between institutional and individual stances. Be aware of the university’s Policy on Academic Freedom and Quebec's Act respecting academic freedom in the university sector.

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