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Behavioural integrity

Concordia has established standards of conduct for its members as described in the Code of Rights and Responsibilities (“the Code”). All members of the community are expected to adhere to the Code.

Concordia is committed to promoting a saferespectful and supportive environment for all students, faculty, researchers and staff.

The Code of Rights & Responsibilities

The university has a Code of Rights and Responsibilities that promotes and protects core values including safety, respect, equity, inclusion and diversity. Specifically, the Code addresses:

  • discrimination
  • harassment
  • sexual violence and misconduct
  • threatening or violent conduct
  • and other offences (for more information, please refer to the Code)

Raising your concern

Should you wish to raise a concern about the behaviour of an individual or group on campus, begin in your area or faculty:

For areas outside the faculties, you can consult with the Advisor of the Office of Rights and Responsibilities.

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