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The Standing Committee on Sexual Violence is a permanent University committee of students, staff and faculty, convened to coordinate University efforts to prevent and respond to Sexual Violence.

Policy on Sexual Violence (approved June 18, 2020)

Task Force Report (published June 2018)

The committee can be reached by emailing:

Committee members

  • Lisa White, Executive Director, Equity Office (Chair)
  • Heather Adams-Robinette, Director, VPRGS Sector / Office of the Vice-President Research and Graduate Studies (Association of Concordia University Management and Administrative Employees-ACUMAE)
    • Barbara Henchey, Director / Office of the Dean, John Molson School of Business (alternate)
  • Saul Carliner, Professor, Education (Concordia University Faculty Association-CUFA) 
  • Jennifer Drummond, Manager, Sexual Assault Resource Centre-SARC
  • Darren Dumoulin, Interim Director, Security Operation, Security Office
  • Christian Durand - University Communications Services 
  • Nadia Hardy, Deputy Provost and Vice-Provost, Faculty Development and Inclusion
  • Amanda Holt, Academic and Retention Advisor Fine Arts, -Concordia University Professional Employee Union-CUPEU)
  • Eleonore Komai (Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia – TRAC)
  • Magalie Kanho, Senior Advisor, Training and Development (Human Resources)
  • Natalie Camirand, Manager, Organizational Development (alternate)
  • Vidya Khan, Department Assistant, Security - Concordia University Support Staff Union-CUSSU
    • Donna Fasciano, Data Coordinator (alternate)
  • Lisa Ostiguy, Special Advisor, Campus Life and Supports
  • Melodie Sullivan, Executive Director and Senior Legal Counsel, University Secretariat 
  • Lauren Thurber - Graduate Student Association -GSA
    • Sina Pourali Rahdari - Graduate Student Association -GSA (alternate)
  • Aisha Topsakal, Director and Senior Advisor, Office of Rights and Responsibilities 
  • Daniel Giglio, Associate Advisor, Rights and Responsibilities (alternate) 
  • Hannah Jamet-Lange and Hannah Sherfati -Concordia Student Union - CSU
  • Fabienne Syrius - Concordia University Part-time Faculty Association-CUPFA
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