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Waivers & exemptions

Course waivers

You can request to waive a prerequisite course when you are confident that your prior knowledge, academic or experiential, matches the content of a course. You waive a course at your own risk: instructors will not cover pre-requisite concepts in the course, nor can you expect them to.

Criteria for course waivers:

  • Course waivers may be requested for pre-requisite courses to CCE programs.
  • Course waivers may not be requested for language courses.
  • Waived courses will not appear on student transcripts.
  • In order to be granted a certificate or diploma, a student must make a formal request to replace the course and be pre-approved by CCE.
  • Decisions based on course waivers are final.

Requests for waiver from prerequisite courses must be made in writing to Concordia Continuing Education (CCE). Students must submit a Course Waiver Form with appropriate proof of experience in order to be considered for a course waiver.

Fee: $35 per course

Processing time: 5 working days

For more information, contact

Course exemptions based on academic learning

You can request to be exempted from a course within a program if you already completed an equivalent course in the past. CCE recognizes the learning delivered in other postsecondary institutions, provided it complies with the criteria below.

Requests for course exemptions based on academic learning may be made for the following:

  • Certificate Programs: a maximum of one course up to 40 hours
  • Diploma Programs: 2-3 courses up to a maximum of 60 course hours

Course contents evolve with time, there are time limits for courses completed in the past. Requests for academic transfer must not exceed the following:

  • 10 years for non-technical programs
  • 5 years for technical programs

Candidates must provide an official academic transcript with a passing grade of no lower than 60%.

The course upon which your exemption request is based must be equivalent to or above the number of course hours of the CCE course.

Candidates must provide proof of learning with a course syllabus containing detailed curriculum.

Courses approved to be exempted based on academic experience will appear on the student transcript as such (exemption). Decisions on course exemptions based on academic learning are final. 

Course exemptions may not be requested for Language courses.

Fee: $55 per course

Processing time: 10 working days

For more information, contact

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