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Influencing with Integrity & Impact

Course Code: CELD 1400
Being a leader means a lot more than just getting people to do what you want. It means acting with integrity, demonstrating competence, gaining trust, building relationships and empowering others to be their best—vital skills you’ll gain in this course. Here, you’ll explore the traits of influential leaders and identify concrete ways to strengthen your own impact. You’ll identify the power you have and learn how to use it positively to achieve desired goals. You’ll also develop vital strategic-thinking, networking and negotiating skills in preparation for your new role as an effective leader and manager. Ready to start?

Your take-away

This course is a great way to help you:
• Recognize your personal leadership style and understand how you use influence and power;
• Describe the traits necessary to demonstrate leadership with influence and integrity;
• Develop your networking abilities to strengthen business relationships;
• Practice appropriate negotiation techniques when working with your teams or employees;
• Prepare a plan to incorporate strategic thinking into your workplace or studies.

Our approach

Students will engage in practical and critical thinking courses allowing them to reflect and project themselves in their current or future work environment. Teachers will use many pedagogical techniques such as case studies, group discussions, team presentations, introspection questionnaires to apply learning to real-world experiences. This course is designed for the students to meet regularly during live synchronous learning in an online virtual classroom (Zoom).

Who benefits the most?

• Students and business professionals who want to learn how to influence with integrity and impact.
• Mid-level managers and other business professionals who want to broaden their skills to open up new career horizons.
• New and lower-level managers who want to move into a higher management role.
• Recent business grads who want to enter the workforce or business professionals seeking a promotion.
• Newcomers to Canada who want a certificate or diploma from a respected Canadian institution.

Concordia CCE Loyalty Discount

All students who meet at least one of the following conditions, will receive a 10% discount on their CCE course or workshop tuition fees:

1)   Have completed a CCE, Undergraduate or Graduate course at Concordia University in a prior academic term;

2)   Have completed a language proficiency test (IELTS) at CCE;

3)   Have completed a CCE Professional Development Seminar/Workshop.

This discount is based on the information maintained in the Concordia University student information system.

NOTE: This discount does not apply to a language proficiency test enrollment (IELTS) nor to application fees for admission to a CCE program of study.


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