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Course Code: CEJV 416B
This course is the continuation of Intro to Programming with Java 1. So, you’re well on your way. But here, you’ll get into some deeper tech, like object-oriented programming skills, inheritance, abstraction, and polymorphism. Once you’ve nailed those topics, you can move on to databases and MySQL integration within Java. You’ll also have the chance to complete a project implementing all the skills you’ve learned within a dynamic, user-friendly application using Java and MySQL. Once you’ve finished the course, you’ll be skilled enough to design, code, and test object-oriented, n-tier applications using GUI interfaces and persisted data within a remote database. Sounds complex, but you can do it!

Prerequisite courses


Your take-away

This course is a great way to help you:
• Create interactive console programs using Java;
• Use the command-line to package and run Java classes;
• Use the Intelli-J IDE to develop and run your code.
• Use the debugging facility to help develop software;
• Create embedded documentation within your Java code;
• Implement basic algorithms and data structures.

Our approach

This course features lectures and hands-on programming practice led by a seasoned industry professional who’ll guide you every step of the way as you learn industry standards and best practices. Please note that you’ll be required to do 5-10 hours of work per week outside of class time. Those with little to no prior knowledge will require more time to gain familiarity with the concepts.

Who benefits the most?

• Students working to complete their Diploma program in Java development.
• Anyone who wants to take the first step towards a career as a Java developer.
• Anyone who wants to develop or broaden their programming skills.
• Business owners and managers in technical domains who want to better understand and evaluate Java programming code.
• Programmers who want to learn a new language to open new career horizons.

Concordia CCE Loyalty Discount

All students who meet at least one of the following conditions, will receive a 10% discount on their CCE course or workshop tuition fees:

1)   Have completed a CCE, Undergraduate or Graduate course at Concordia University in a prior academic term;

2)   Have completed a language proficiency test (IELTS) at CCE;

3)   Have completed a CCE Professional Development Seminar/Workshop.

This discount is based on the information maintained in the Concordia University student information system.

NOTE: This discount does not apply to a language proficiency test enrollment (IELTS) nor to application fees for admission to a CCE program of study.


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