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Tournament of towns contest, Montreal

The International Mathematics Competition called Tournament of Towns is a worldwide problem solving contest initiated in Russia in late 1970’s. Any town or city can take part in it. Nowadays, participants are from over 120 cities from more than 25 countries.

The main goal of this tournament is to provide an opportunity for a large number of students to participate in a competition with worldwide standards. Some problems can be very challenging, yet they require creative use of simple tools rather than advanced mathematical knowledge.

The Tournament is held each year in two rounds - Spring and Fall. Students and their towns can take part in either round or both. Each round has two levels - O-Level (training - junior) and A-Level (main - senior).

Usually, students from grade 7-10 participate in O-level (Junior), while students from grade 11-12 participate in A-level, Senior level. Students from Quebec colleges can only participate in Senior level.

Except for college student, other students have the right of choosing the level in which they participate – thus students from grades 11-12 can participate in O-level. The scoring of the problems takes into account the student’s grade and the level in which he/she participate.

The contest is written individually, but there is both an individual and a team result. At individual level, the score is calculated out of the highest marks to three problems from either of the rounds. The town’s score for the contest is calculated out of the best individual scores.

For more information, and problems from previous editions, please visit the contest’s site at University of Toronto:

If you have questions, please contact the organizers at

2018 Tournament

The Spring round of Tournament of Towns contest will be held as follows:

Level-O (grades 7-10):  February 25

Level-A (grades 11-12):  March 11

If interested in participating, please contact us at and specify name, grade level, and contact information.

In Montreal, participation in the Tournament of Towns is facilitated by Concordia's Department of Mathematics and Statistics and l’Institut des sciences mathématiques (ISM).

Please note:  We reserve the right to take photographs during our outreach activities or events and use them for promotional purposes. Thank you for your cooperation.




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