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International mathematical olympiad “Formula of Unity”/“The Third Millennium”

If you are a student in grade 6 to 12 interested in participating in the "Formula of Unity" mathematical contest, please contact

The International Mathematical Olympiad “Formula of Unity” / “The Third Millennium” is organized by the St. Petersburg State University and the Euler Foundation, and it was first held in the 2013-2014 academic year. During its 2014-2015 edition, it gathered more than 6,000 students from 15 countries.

In Montreal, the participation in the “Formula of Unity” is facilitated by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of Concordia University and l'Institut des sciences mathématiques (ISM). 

The Olympiad comes in two rounds

The First Round has ended and results are available at:

The Second Round of the Formula of Unity contest was held on February 4. This round was by invitation of first round winners, however unofficial participation was allowed. That is, anyone interested in participating can do so, but would not be considered in the competition. If interested, students should write to

In order to know in which category you should enroll, please consult the file about matching grades:





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