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Math & Stats: Do you know what I meme?

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics is pleased to announce the successful end to the first ever Math & Stats : Do you know what I meme? contest!

The competition was simple; undergraduate and graduate students were encouraged to submit their best meme relating to math & stats or their life as a math & stats student. After 23 submissions and a week of public voting, we are excited to announce the winners.

First Place - Benjamin Tordjman

Second Place - Jeremy Schlitt

Third Place - Nahid Aghababaeyan

Raffle Winners - Emelie Carlsson-Hayes and Justin Perez-Romero

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Please note that all submitted memes were original. While it is understandable that classic memes may use copyrighted material, adding original text over the image transforms it into a parody, which is protected from claims of copyright infringement and is therefore permitted for the purpose of this contest. 

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