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All students who enroll in Exercise Science are automatically members of the Health, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology Student Association (HKAPSA). HKAPSA is run by an elected body of 12 representatives from each of the 3 academic years in EXCI. HKAPSA fulfills a dual role for its members: it provides academic assistance to students throughout the programs and it assures that students integrate with ease into the HKAP community.



The HKAPSA Learning Lab

Exercise Science and its specializations require students to develop and perfect certain practical and manual skills. The skills are taught during the assigned lab periods, but all too often, students need additional practice to become fully comfortable with these new skills. The HKAPSA Learning Lab provides the resources for students to practice these skills, including:

Fitness assessment
  • Bicycle ergometers.
  • Blood pressure cuffs.
  • Fat calipers.
First Response care of athletic injuries
  • Spinal boards.
  • Cervical collars.
  • Crutches.
  • Splints.
Learning tools
  • Mock tests, set up by second- and third-year students, similar to those that will be done in the laboratory. Each mock test is followed by a short discussion period where strengths and weaknesses are assessed, thereby allowing students to better organize their studying.
  • Video library.
  • Skeletal and muscular anatomical models.
  • Computer software on physiology.
  • Computers for use on assignments.

You may find that the most important benefit of the Learning Lab is the opportunity to interact with students from years ahead and make valuable contacts for after graduation. The Learning Lab has proven itself the ideal setting for both academic assistance and constructive social interaction. It will without a doubt serve as an integral part of your education here at Concordia University.

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