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The Decolonial Toolbox

An Educational Pathway towards reconciliation

For decades, Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island, Inuit Nunangat and the M├ętis Homeland have shared knowledge, personal experiences and cultural ways of living to raise awareness about the abusive and oppressive relationship between the colonial state and the rightful stewards of this land. In the beginning, their efforts went largely unnoticed. Recently, as more and more devastating facts surfaced, many non-Indigenous people began reflecting about their role as settlers and asking themselves what they could do.

It is with this context in mind and in this spirit that the Decolonial Toolbox was born.

The Decolonial Toolbox offers the public an educational pathway to understanding contemporary Indigenous realities. The pathway gathers carefully-selected resources produced by Indigenous people and organizations that are accessible and promote Indigenous expertise.

The topics covered are foundational knowledge on

  • terminology
  • territories
  • colonial history

Subsequent levels of the Pathway (to be published) address

  • Indigenous resistance
  • resurgence
  • anti-racism
  • allyship
  • plurality of Nations

The aim is to gradually provide resources and stimulate reflection to help understand the complexity of decolonizing and how to incorporate change in everyday life. These stepping stones will guide readers as they embark on personal journeys toward decolonization and meaningful allyship.

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