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Engaged research

Concordia is home to a network of community-focused research centres and projects, grounded in principles of respect and reciprocity with community partners.   


Ageing + Communication + Technologies is a multi-methodological research project. Its staff, collaborators, students, and other members and partners work together to investigate the ways digital shifts have influenced the experience of ageing. These analyses support strategies for change.

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Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies

The Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in the social environment. Since 1963, a community of practitioners, researchers, community members, students, and others have provided consultation and training to address the needs of groups and organizations and to provide opportunities for people to gain more control over their lives.

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Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling

The Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling is a Concordia-based community of more than 150 individual and institutional affiliates from the University and other local, national, and international bodies. Researchers, students, artists, practitioners, and others find a point of convergence in the Centre for collaborative historical research, teaching, and publishing.

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Centre for the Arts in Human Development

The Centre for the Arts in Human Development is a therapeutic, research, and clinical training centre that offers a unique program of creative arts therapies for people with various types of developmental disabilities. Staff facilitate the program, which uses art, drama, music, and dance to promote autonomy, self-confidence, and quality of life among participants. The centre also conducts outreach to educate the public about the creative abilities of people with special needs.

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Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance

The Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance is a multi-institutional research centre. Faculty researchers, staff, and graduate students develop evidence-based tools and strategies to impact learning outcomes in a range of contexts, including pre-kindergarten to secondary and postsecondary education, corporations and industry, health and social services, and the NGO and community sectors.

Community-University Research Exchange

The Community-University Research Exchange is a conduit between community organizations and the knowledge and resources of the academic sphere. Students tap their research interests and skills to respond to the needs and proposals of local nonprofits concerned with social and economic marginalization.

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Mobile Media Lab

The Mobile Media Lab is a multi-institutional organization engaged in a range of scholarly activities. Researchers and other staff lead interdisciplinary projects rooted in mobility and communication studies to take movement as a central conceptual tool for engaging the technologies, cultural practices, and geographic contingencies of everyday life.

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Montreal Institute For Genocide and Human Rights Studies

The Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies, based at Concordia, is recognized internationally as Canada’s preeminent centre for the study of genocide and crimes against humanity. Its fellows and staff conduct in-depth research and propose concrete policy recommendations to resolve conflicts before they degenerate into mass atrocity crimes.

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The Nipivut radio show, meaning “Our Voice,” produces and broadcasts a biweekly Inuktitut language radio program. First airing October 6, 2015, Inuit community members, the Cabot Square Project, and SKUT90.3FM work in collaboration with the program to help build an inclusive Inuit community by providing a platform and disseminating essential information to the Inuit in the greater Montreal area.


Q-BEKH is local branch of the Black Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub, in partnership with UQAM. We connect researchers, Black entrepreneurs, and community organizations to strengthen the Black Canadian entrepreneurial ecosystem through collaborative research.

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Sense Lab

The Sense Lab is a forum for exploring of the relationship between research and creation. Composed of artists, academics, researchers, dancers, and writers, the lab holds monthly reading groups and a bimonthly speaker series, which is a platform for the exploration of local and international works in progress.

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Le/The Sensorium

Le Sensorium presents participatory public art events. Since 2011, artists have led tours and tastings to create spaces for discussion and the opportunity to unsettle staid narratives by challenging the senses of tourists and locals of Montreal.

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Project SOMEONE is an initiative to combat hate on social media, build awareness and resilience, and create space for dialogue. By sensitizing youth, educators, and the broader public to patterns of online hate, the project seeks to reduce its prevalence and the dangers posed to public safety while encouraging the creation of alternative narratives. The principles of social pedagogy guide its approach.

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